Success Stories
Amir Hussain, an electrical graduate of 2010 with City & Guilds Diploma from Training Centre " The Hunar Foundation" is now running his own technical services company and supporting his household.
"It was difficult for my father to make ends meet and feeding our family. I wanted to help change that. My City & Guilds Diploma at THF gave me the confidence, skill & ability to do that.

Amir Hussain
Technicial Services Company

Candidate: Adil Ali Shah
Training Centre: GTTI Gulberg
City & Guilds Qualification: Level I Certificate & Level II Diploma in Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
After doing City & Guilds Certificate & Diploma in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning from GTTI Gulberg, Lahore, I was employed as an AC Technician in MobiServe Pakistan, one of the key employers of City & Guilds in Pakistan.

Adil Ali Shah
MobiServe Pakistan
AC Technician

Mazhar lives in Punjab with his Mother and 3 sisters. Straight after school he joined a refrigeration workshop as a trainee and at the same time completed a short course in Refrigeration from YMCA institute. He worked there for almost 3 years earning a very basic salary. He joined a Refrigeration Workshop in 2007 but was unable to earn sufficient amount to support his family. He then joined The Hunar Foundation to train in City & Guilds Electrical Installation in January 2011. His education there enabled him to run his own work shop where he is now earning plenty to support his family.

Mazhar Iqbal Mughal
Hunar Foundation
C & G Diploma

Muhammad, aged 22, lives in Akhter with his parents and five siblings. He completed his matriculation in 2006 and would go to his fathers workshop for training. At the same time he continued his studies in college and completed his intermediate in 2011. In order to become a proper certified technician he joined The Hunar Foundation to study to become a Mechanical Fitter in January 2011. He completed his one year vocational training successfully, obtaining good grades and earning a City & Guilds (UK) Diploma. He has joined his fathers Engineering shop and now earns a good salary.

Muhammad Qazzafi
Hunar Foundation
C & G Diploma

Naveed Hussain is a boy from a poor family who found it difficult to make ends meet. His life changed after his education at AMANTECH where he earned a City & Guilds Diploma in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineering. He was able to secure employment in Dubai, and contributes a large sum to his family income. He believes that his education at AMANTECH was the key to getting out of his situation, and wishes his siblings to also get an education which he hopes to sponsor.

Naveed Hussain

At the age of 23 Naveed Ahmed decided to register for a City & Guilds Diploma in Mechanical Engineering at AMANTECH when he realized that an education was essential for him to secure employment that would help alleviate his familys poverty and pay off their debts. After completing his diploma he found work in the Middle East, earning such a good income that he was able to send most of his salary home to singlehandedly supports his family.

Naveed Ahmed

Rana Hashim was struggling to meet ends meet, with no decent employment prospects due to his lack of education. Through AMANTECH he was able to study Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineering whilst also doing odd jobs and part time work to provide for his family. He completed a one year City & Guilds Diploma in this subject with flying colours, after which he was able to secure employment abroad. His education at AMANTECH proved to be a way out of his poverty stricken life.

Rana Hashim

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